Third Party References

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• You may wish to link a Customer or Business to a Third Party e.g. For Insurance Purposes.

• Go to the Customer Tab within MediBooks.


• Search for the Customer/Business required (Details of how to search are available in Searching )


• Select the Customer you wish to Link by Double Clicking on the Customer Number link (Displayed in Blue).


• In the Menu bar, select [Modify], then [Third Party References].


• This will open a new screen which contains details of any existing Third Parties the customer is currently referenced to.


• To add a Third Party Reference, Click [Add], and select the required Third Party from the Pop-Up screen (shown below).


• Click [OK].

• The selected Third Party will now appear in the customer’s reference box. You can select a default Third Party by Clicking in the Tick boxes on the left side of the list.


• Once you are satisfied with your selection, Click [Save].

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