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System Overview

System Tab.png

Here you will find information regarding the options available in the System section of MediBooks.

Managing User Groups

How to manage User Groups.

TPP User Mapping

How to map user access for TPP SystmOne.

View Existing Users

How to view Existing Users.

Creating a New User

How to create a new User.

System Auditing

How to use System Auditing.

Editing Workflows

How to edit Workflows.

Creating a New Access Plan

How to create a new Access Plan.

Editing an Access Plan

How to edit an existing Access Plan.

Editing Payment Methods

How to edit Payment Methods.

Managing Alerts

How to manage Alerts.


How add a licence to Medibooks

Creating a New Branch

How to create a new Branch.

Modifying an Existing Branch

How to modify an existing Branch

Adding a New Till

How to add a new Till.

Editing an Existing Till

How to edit an existing Till.

Adding a New Terminal

How to add a new Terminal.

Editing an Existing Terminal

How to edit an existing Terminal

Selecting a Report Header

How to select a Report Header.

Creating a New Practice Header

How to create a new Practice Header.

Editing a Practice Header

How to edit a Practice Header.

Resetting a Password

How to reset a Password.

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