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Here you will find instructions for adjusting Practice Settings.


Options for Client Settings.

Booking Fees

Options for setting Booking Fees.


• In order to use Medibooks you must have an active licence.
• If you do not already have one please contact Medibooks Support to arrange a licence.
• Once you have received your licence, usually via email, save it in an appropriate file location which you have access to.

• Open Medibooks and click the Medibooks Button in the top left corner of the screen. • Click [Settings] then [Configure licensing for Medibooks].

Licence pic1.png

• This will open a new window as per below: • Click the [Import Activation] button.

Licence pic2.png

• This will open a browser window showing all files available on your computer.

Licence pic3.png

• Use this browser to navigate to the location of your licence file. • Select the file and click [Open].

Licence pic4.png

• Your licence is now active and you should see the licence key in the field marked License Key:

Licence pic5.png

• You can now close this window and continue using Medibooks.


Settings for Emis integration.

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