Setting Billing Information Properties

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• To set up the Billing information for a customer, go to the Customer Tab in MediBooks.


• On the left side of the screen, you will see a tab for [Billing Information].


• Within the Billing Information Tab, there are some “Drop Down” Options:


Delivery Method – Gives you a choice of how you would like to deliver the Statements. You have an option of by Post, Email or Both.

Billing Pattern – This gives you the option of running Monthly Statements or choosing to Bill the Customer Manually.

Statement Style – This determines whether the Statement will include all transactions or just the outstanding values.

Revenue Group – You can determine which Revenue Group the customer belongs to if you are using this option.

If the Customer’s billing Address is different to that of their residential address,
select the “Use Billing” tick box and complete the address details as required.

• Once you have completed the required fields, click [Save].

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