Setting Alerts

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• Go to the Customer Tab within MediBooks.


• Search for the Customer/Business required (Details of how to search are available in Searching )


• Select the Customer you wish to add an Alert to by Double Clicking on the Customer Number link (Displayed in Blue).


• Once you have opened the Customer Card, Click [Modify] and select [Alerts].


• This will open a screen showing any existing Alerts for the selected Customer.

• To create a new Alert, Click the [New Alert] Button.


• A Pop-Up screen will appear with the following options:


You will have the option to show the Alert either:

• On Selection of the Customer

• On creation of an Invoice

• On Creation of a Payment


You will also have the choice of what Severity the Alert requires:

• Info – For Information purposes only

• Warning

• Severe

• Type the Alert into the Dialogue box provided, then Click [OK]. The Alert should now appear on the main Customer Alerts screen as shown:


• Once you are satisfied that the Alert has been set correctly, Click [Save].

• You will be shown a sample of how the Alert will be displayed, click [OK].


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