Receiving Third Party Payments

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New Third Party 1.png

• Once you have selected the Third Party from the Third Party Search screen, you can enter a payment by clicking on the [Receive Payment] button.


Receiving Payments 1.png

• This will open the Payment Screen.

Receiving Payments 2.png

• Payments can be received for an account against a specific bill, or as an account credit. • To allocate against the oldest outstanding items, enter the amount in the [Receive] field.

Receiving Payments 3.png

• You can allocate which bills are paid by entering amounts in the [Payment] Field or selecting [Full Payment] against that bill.

Receiving Payments 4.png

• There are a number of other options on the Payment Screen:

Receiving Payments 5.png

 Method – This allows you to change the payment method (Cash, Credit Card etc.).
 Branch – If you wish to post the payment to an alternative Branch.
 Till – If you want to post the payment to an alternative Till.
 Payment Date – This will default to today’s date. You can alter the payment date if required here.

• The Account balance and Aged Debt Indicator is displayed at the top of the screen. This allows Front Desk Staff to immediately see if there is
any outstanding debt on the account without having to open the Account Overview. • The aged debt is broken down into five time periods allowing for quick identification of monies owed.

Receiving Payments 6.png

• Once you have entered the payment details, you have two options: • Click on [Account] to Post the Payment.

Receiving Payments 7.png

• Click on [Receipt] to Post the Payment and View the Receipt.

Receiving Payments 8.png

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