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Access Control - This feature allows you to restrict or allow access to program functions for different user types.
Account - This allows access to information on customer accounts. From here you can perform functions such as viewing, voiding or printing previous transactions for each client.
Administration - The Administration Tab gives access to Catalogue Pricing, the [[Global Catalogue, Schemes and Task Scheduling.


By Branch - Clicking this allows you to sort results by Branch
By Consultant - Clicking this allows you to sort results by Consultant


Change Password - This allows you to Change the Password for the current user
Clear History - This clears the program of any pages stored. This will clear any pages accessible by the [Move Back] and [Move Forwards] buttons
Credit Note - Credit Notes can be applied against an Account to reverse an Invoice or Invoice Item on an Account
Customer - This Tab gives access to information on Creating new Patients and Businesses, Modifying Patients and Businesses, Syncing patients with Emis and Setting Alerts
Customer Search - Here you can search for a Customer by Name, Number of Transaction ID.


Debit Note - Debit Notes can be applied against an Account to reverse a payment made to an Account


Editing Font Size - This enables you to select a new Font Size for use in Report generation


Front Desk - From here you can view Pending Invoices either Globally, sorted by Branch, or by Consultant


Global View - This button allows you to view all Pending Invoices


Home - From this Tab you can find options for Viewing a Summary of recent activities, Switch and Log Off users, Change Passwords, Lock MediBooks, Modify the Appearance of MediBooks and change User Settings



Journal - Journals enable you to control how money is allocated within an Account



Lock - The Lock function allows you to temporarily restrict access to MediBooks. The program will continue running but will require the password to be entered again before use.
Logoff User - This allows you to Log off the current User


Modify Appearance - Allows you to modify the colour scheme of MediBooks




Pick List - In the Create Invoice screen, this allows you to edit the selection of services offered on the right of the screen
Price List Wizard - This opens the Price List Wizard, a feature which allows you to follow a series of instructions to create and modify Schemes and chargeable Items



Reports - From here you can access Report generation features for a variety of topics.


Settings - User Settings in the Home Tab are used to alter a variety of settings specific to the current user
Statement Delivery - This allows you to view and print statements generated during a statement run
Switch User - This enables you to change the current MediBooks user to a new one.
System - This Tab gives access to a variety of system settings such as adding new and modifying existing tills and terminals, creating and editing access plans and branches etc.
System Audit - This is a feature of the System Tab and allows you to view a list of all System Audit actions carried out along with information on the time, date and user who performed the action


Task Scheduling - This allows you to create a timeslot for a specific action to take place
Third Party - This Tab enables you to both create and modify Third Party details



View Summary - View Summary shows you lists of recently accessed customers, tasks and memos.


Workflow - The Workflow button enables you to control the working process by deciding what default pages are loaded when different actions are undertaken.




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