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• The Global Catalogue provides an overview of all the services you provide to Patients, legal firms, insurance companies and Local Authorities.
• To open the Global Catalogue, go to the Administration Tab.

Global Catalogue 1.png

• Select [Global Catalogue].

Global Catalogue 2.png

• This will open the Global Catalogue View. You can Modify your view by using the tools described in the General Functions Wiki.

Global Catalogue 3.png

• To Modify an Item on the list, click the [Edit Lock] button.

Global Catalogue 4.png

• This will unlock the list for Editing. You can change the Department and Sections by clicking on the selected item in the list and using the drop-down menus and the description by double clicking in that cell and typing to modify.

Global Catalogue 5.png

• Once you have made your changes, click [Save].

Global Catalogue 6.png

• You can then Lock the list again by clicking on [Release Lock].

Global Catalogue 7.png

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