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Customer Overview

Customer Tab.png

Here you will find information regarding the options available in the Customer section of MediBooks. For guides on the Financial section of this menu, please click here.

Account Overview

How to open the Account Overview page to view a Customer's past transactions.


How to find a customer by name, number or transaction ID.

Creating a New MediBooks Patient

How to create a new patient.

Creating a New MediBooks Business

How to create a new business.

Modifying Existing Customers and Businesses

How to modify existing patients and businesses.

Setting Billing Information Properties

How to set the billing information for a patient or business.

Setting Account Details

How to set the account details for a patient or business.

Setting Alerts

How to set an Alert.

Third Party References

How to link a patient or business to a Third Party.

Syncing a MediBooks Patient from EMIS

How to sync MediBooks with the current patient open in EMIS.

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