Creating Multi Recipient Invoices

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Adding Customers to Third Parties as [Members]

• Multi recipient invoices are used when raising invoices for third parties who are being billed for service to more than 1 patient.

• In order to be able to select the patient for the invoice, they must be a member of the third party.

• You can check if your required customer is a member by selecting the third party from the search screen and then clicking [Members].

Members Button.png

• To add a customer as a member, search for the customer, then select them.

• Click on [Modify] > [Third Party References].


• Click [Add]


• Add the required Third Party to the references, Click [OK]


• Click [Save] to save your changes.


Creating the Multi-Recipient Invoice

• To create a Multi recipient invoice, got to the [Third Party Tab] and select [Third Party Search].


• Select the relevant Third Party, then select [Create Multi Recipient Invoice] from the Ribbon bar.


• As you do in a normal invoice procedure, select the item from the right-hand pane to add it to the invoice.


• You can use the [CTRL] key to select multiple recipients in the top panel of the invoice screen.


• Once you are happy with your invoice, click [FrontDesk] to put it in the draft invoice queue.


• To complete the invoice, got to the [Front Desk] Tab and select [Multi Recipient Invoices].


• Select the invoice you’ve just created, then click [Post Group].


• You will get a warning that you are about to post the group invoice, if you are sure you want to proceed, click [Yes].


• Your invoices have now been posted to the Third Party with the relevant Patient Details.
• You can print a statement for the third Party which will give them details of individual invoices created.


 NB. If you have created the invoices on the same day as you are printing the statement you will need to select today’s date during the statement creation.

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