Creating Invoices

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• Once a Customer, Business or Third Party has been selected, you can begin to create an Invoice by clicking on the [Create Invoice] button.

Creating Invoices 1.png

• This will open the Invoice Screen.

Creating Invoices 2.png

• If you have a Claim Code, enter it here:

Creating Invoices 3.png

• You can amend the details of the invoice in the top left panel of the screen:

Creating Invoices 4.png
Note: If you do not know which consultant will be seen for the appointment, it is possible to have your Practice name appear in the drop down by
creating a consultant in the User list with that name. Details on how to create users can be found Here.

• Clicking on the products and services in the right hand panel, will add them to the invoice.

Creating Invoices 5.png

• Once you have added the required items to the Invoice, you have a number of options:

Creating Invoices 6.png

Save – This will give you the option to save the bill, or save a template. Templates can be used for bills which contain items which are usually found together on an invoice.
Delete – To delete the current invoice.
Front Desk – This will send the bill to the Front Desk ready for them to receive payment.
Account – This will add the bill to the customer’s account.
Invoice – This will save the bill to the customer’s account and open the invoice for viewing in the Document Viewer.
Payment – This will save the bill to the account and open the [Receive Payment] screen.

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