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• It is possible to configure the Departments and Sections in the Global Catalogue so that they are displayed in a way that is convenient to you.
• To begin, go to the Administration Tab, and click on [Configuration].

Config Global Catalogue 1.png

• You will be given the option to configure either Departments (Tabs), or Sections (Groups).

Config Global Catalogue 2.png

• If you select Department, this will bring up the list of Departments.

Config Global Catalogue 3.png

• To Modify the list, click [Edit Lock]. This will unlock the list for Editing.

Config Global Catalogue 4.png

• To Modify an Item, double click on an Item in the Department list. This will bring up a pop-up screen. Modify the details as required, then click [Save].

Config Global Catalogue 5.png

• When you select [Sections], this will bring up a list of the sections you have available.

Config Global Catalogue 6.png

• You can either create a new section, or modify an existing section. This is done by using the buttons in the header bar as shown:

Config Global Catalogue 7.png

• This will open a pop-up screen where the details can be entered or edited. Once completed, click [Save].

Config Global Catalogue 8.png

• Once you have finished making changes, you can lock the lists by clicking on the [Release Lock] button.

Config Global Catalogue 9.png

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